Feb 15th, 2008 // 2 Comments

77053746.jpgTGIF teen queen gossip daily double: Heidi Montag–which is a thing that apparently appears on the MTV?–released her “debut pop music video” last week. Somehow we missed this momentous occasion. But apparently the rest of the Internet did not, because all of the flying blogosphere zingers left her “sobbing uncontrollably.” (Hey, you should try hanging out on the Internet every day.) Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus got a tsk-tsk’ing from Consumer Reports for not buckling up during a scene in her hit 3-D concert movie, while the watchdog mag still took care to praise the “lifelike” way her blood seemed to splatter the audience when the Range Rover hit that tree. [Daily Dish via PTW / Photo: Getty]


  1. Chris Molanphy

    Thank you for skipping the Montag “news.” I got the summary version from Best Week Ever, and that told me all I needed to know.

  2. Rob Murphy

    I figured you guys skipped the Montag video “story” because she’s obviously not a real “artist” and this whole “music career” thing is just part of her and Spencer’s douche-hattery.

    I saw the video after everyone LOLd about how horrible it was. They were wrong. It was MUCH WORSE than they told me.

    Also, I figured you guys skipped the Mylie story because of Miley/Hannah fatigue.

    You guys used to a have a “department” for these and similar 1-2 sentence stories. You should think about bringing that back, even though it doesn’t really help page views.


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