Looking Back On A Week When We Survived The Grammys, The Flu, And Other Plagues

AP080210027142.jpg• Maura slogged through Grammys once again without losing her mind! Third time’s the charm!
• She even managed to stay sane enough to offer some helpful tips for next year’s broadcast.
• Meanwhile, Herbie Hancock ran away with Album Of The Year and everyone went batshit.
• Maura smacked down Aerosmith’s choices when it comes to Guitar Hero.
• The ongoing saga of Lennon Murphy’s attempt to trademark her first name drew a visit from “Yoko Ono” herself.
• Kate pitched in from Spain while Jess was sick and wanted to know if anything could redeem “Kokomo.”
• Could one American Idol hopeful’s exit be the first step on the road to Best New Music?
• Kanye’s incomplete new video brought out the amateur screenwriter in us.
• Attn. Grammy producers: When Aretha is displeased, we’re all displeased.
• If we’re ever reduced to publishing a crypto-ironic article about “music snobs” then you have permission to euthanize the patient.
“Stone Temple Pilots Bring The 90s Back”…hey, some of us never left.
• The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: skanking into an arena parking lot near you. (If you live in or around New Jersey.)
• We picked what should be on your playlist when you’re squeezing that bun out of the oven.
• And another trip into the emo fan fiction underground sparked some… spirited debate.