The Lordi Movie: It May Be Slightly More Of A Flop Than The t.A.T.u. Movie

noah | February 18, 2008 10:00 am

Remember Lordi, the Eurovision winners who came off like a more cuddly, more melodic GWAR? Following in the footsteps of fellow costumed acts the Spice Girls and the Village People, they’re going to be in a movie! Dark Floors–which, in Finland, is being billed as The Lordi Motion Picture–is a horror movie set at a hospital where people mysteriously disappear, except for a sick girl, a security guard, and a few other stock characters. But the plot, for some reason, casts the fully made-up members of Lordi as the villains, even though anyone who’s heard “Hard Rock Hallelujah” knows that these guys are about as bad-ass as Firehouse. Trailer after the jump.

Dark Floors [IMDB]Remember Eurovision winners Lordi? Well, they have a movie out. [ONTD]