The Wu-Tang Clan Needs To Take It Back (“It” Being Their Shared Copy Of After Effects)

If music videos really do only make up 4 percent of MTV’s programming, the quick and dirty new Wu-Tang clip probably won’t convince the network to bump that number any time soon; the average episode of Parental Control is blessed with a larger budget than the video for “Take It Back,” the product of a director trying to work some slide show magic with a feuding Clan, some onstage stock footage, and a little Crazy Taxi-grade CGI. It’ll probably look terrible in HD, but hey, it’s all but made for the streaming confines of the little YouTube box. [YouTube via Nah Right]

  • rad_matter

    It’s like an end credit sequence to a movie…like The Rocky Horror Picture Show with less fishnets and more (cheap) CGI buildings.

  • Falconfire

    Wu-Tang videos have always looked like after-effects disasters. At first I thought it was because of their age, but these days I just realized its because they spend the bulk of the money of the video on booze and weed and then just throw it to their buddy to finish.

  • 30f

    I heard that this was directed by Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba. Not sure how/if that explains the buildings from Duke Nukem playing such a prominent role.