Vivendi Rolls Out Its All-You-Can-Eat Music Plan (On Phones)

Feb 21st, 2008 // 3 Comments

zaoza_4.jpgVivendi is beta-testing a site called Zaoza, which sort of looks like the prototype for the “all the music you want for a low monthly fee” sites that music executives have long dreamed about, in France, and it’s rolling the service out in Germany later this year; people interested in signing up for the site’s beta test who aren’t friends with already-existing users have to certify that they’re between the ages of 15 and 25, which seems to be a big flag about the users that this program is targeting. The details:

For €5/month (about $7.30), Zaoza members can download all the media they want (right now, content comes from Universal, Sony BMG, and a few larger European indies) and swap each whatever they’ve downloaded with other subscribers–although similar to the Zune’s “squirting” restrictions, users can only share their files with five pals or less. Whether or not Zaoza’s underpinnings will serve as the model for the majors’ fantasy-world subscription music service remains to be seen, although the whole idea of allowing users to share is kind of interesting, and will no doubt get the pro-legalized peer-to-peer crowd all fired up. [Ars Technica via Hypebot]

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    I’m not gonna use a service if I can’t pronounce it. Damn you Frenchies!

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    What you gonna do-a
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