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29487.jpgHere’s a theory as to why ex-boybander Robbie Carrico’s attempts to be this year’s “rock guy” on American Idol are coming off as really stilted and awkward: He doesn’t want his wig to come flying off his head mid-headbang. Yes, that’s right: He’s wearing a piece, and it’s apparently making Idol‘s production staff freak out. Well, I guess this explains why dude was going the Bret Michaels route last week, but hasn’t anyone pointed out to him yet that Daughtry has no hair at all, and he’s doing just fine? [TMZ]

  1. katieee

    Maybe his piece flying off is just the kind of hot ratings injection they need this season!

  2. extracrispy

    The guy had the entire 70s oeuvre to choose from, and he sang Foreigner. So not rock.

  3. scarletvirtue

    @extracrispy: I was kind of hoping for Cheap Trick – he could’ve done pretty well on “I Want You To Want Me”

    And in my house, we just call him Axl Rose v.2.0 (pre Chinese Democracy, of course)!

  4. Nicolars

    It’s like he thinks gluing on hair and having a wallet chain makes him rawk. The Jonas Brothers are probably more hardcore than this chucklehead.

  5. Tenno

    Add 50 pounds and some sweat pants and he’s Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    “Wimmy Wah Waaaaaaaaaah”

  6. narymary

    I knew it! Last night my friend and I were totally singing “Wig” by the B-52′s at the TV last night. He’s so full of shitty shit shit.

  7. Thierry

    After finding these pictures of Carrico from 2005 or 2006 on his band’s website, it’s pretty safe to say that not all the hair on this “rocker’s” head is his. Judge for yourselves…

    Front view:
    And from the back:

  8. Tenno

    @Thierry: But we know this =(

    Pics are great though.

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