Can You Help Figure Out This Mystery Song Before A Reader Goes Insane (Us Too)?

Feb 28th, 2008 // 23 Comments

nametehteunz.jpgA perplexed reader has written in with one of the hardest “name that tune” requests the ol’ tips at idolator dot com inbox has seen in some time. After much deliberation among the editorial staff–i.e. plugging the provided lyrics into Google and coming up empty–we must throw up our hands. But perhaps you can tell us what this song might be before we pull our (metaphorical in some cases) hair out. There will even be a prize!

hi how how are you. I have had this song in my head for months the only problem is i dont really know the words. its as i would say hummable and has a more up tempo beat. the person singing is is rather mellow. all i know is they go “ey” or “hey na na” say some other stuff then say “na na” again and and then maybe say” cut it up and spit it back out, and im out, and im out”. i have no clue! its sooo annoying having a song in my head that i dont know the lyrics, or even what its about. just thats its up tempo and they might say something like ey na na a bunch. i doubt if you can help but if you can ohh my that would be great.

So there it is, folks. Prize is yet to be determined, but it may involve a case of Turtle Wax. Or perhaps a full line of fine menswear from Botany 500, venerable outfitter of guys who read teleprompters. Creative and/or hilarious runners up will of course receive some fabulous parting gifts. And don’t forget to join us tomorrow, when we’ll be rolling out new features like musical Plinko and a game involving a little yodeling alpine hiker forced to listen to as much of the Hype Machine Top 50 as he can stomach before throwing himself off the tiny mountain.

  1. The Cooler

    Life In A Northern Town?

    Great! Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head!

  2. AL

    I think it might be “Hey Now Now” by The Cloud Room.

    The first verse has the lyrics “cut it up and slip it back in,” which are pretty close to the ones provided in the description.

  3. Anonymous

    I am going to go with “Silly Ho” by TLC. It is on the albums Fanmail and Now and Forever.

  4. AL

    now i’m sure that’s the song, here’s the video:

  5. Weezy F Baby

    @AL: (my internet is all fucked so if this is like, my third post in the last 2 minutes, sorry) but yeah, it has to be cloudroom.

  6. Ken Griffey's Grotesquely Swollen Jaw

    Definitely cloud room.

  7. Anonymous

    Goldfrapp- Satin Chic

  8. Anonymous

    Also came here to post “Hey Now Now” — such a good story behind this song. Can we get a confirmation, btw?

  9. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I’ll add that “Hey Now Now” is annoying as shit, and got an inexplicably high number of spins on Sirius Left of Center a few years back.

  10. old user name

    definitely hey now now.

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Ya!

  12. Anonymous

    I can name that tune in four notes.

  13. PandaPornMcAwesome

    Damnit. I wanted to be first on the scene with the Cloud Room revelation.
    Rss Reader = 1
    Me = 0

  14. Anonymous

    I can’t believe this was your biggest challenge idolator, that song was pretty popular for a brief time.

  15. Anonymous

    @MtHeartAttack: I think the challenge stemmed from the 70-year old white lady clues, which were more or less ungoogleable. Popular song or not, if it doesn’t spring to mind au natural, then it’s pretty much doomed to sit out in the ether.

  16. Jess Harvell

    also this is the kind of thing i will involuntarily switch off during the first four bars.

  17. comehomenow

    I’m going to have to agree w/ Al. “Hey Now Now” was in a Pepsi commercial, and is most likely how the song got stuck in this person’s head.

  18. grainy16mm

    That’s wonderful and all, but the world also demands to know the identity of this Jack-Nance-lookalike who steals his choruses from Del Shannon.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  19. AL

    This 2006 Pitchfork Feature is actually the only reason I ever heard the song in the first place: []

  20. Charles A. Hohman

    Damn, I need to start reading Idolator at 9 AM sharp now. I was just playing “Hey Now Now,” which I actually love, a few nights ago.

  21. blobby

    Yeah, I remember that Pitchfork article, that’s how I first heard the song. The article is very interesting. (And I happen to like the song as well.)

  22. NickEddy

    No, it’s “This Corrosion.”

  23. Anonymous

    Peter Murphy’s “Cuts you up”

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