Operation MySpace Attempts To Turn Carlos Mencia Into “Bob Hope 2.0”


Because they’re the ones out there fighting for our freedom to spend the best years of our lives reordering our Top 8, America’s beleaguered troops currently stationed in Kuwait are soon to get a visit from Tom and the rest of the MySpace gang. On March 10, “Operation MySpace,” a live concert featuring the hottest stars of a couple years ago, will be broadcast around the world (no guesses as to where you can tune in) starting at 2 p.m. EST. And just how much does MySpace hate the men and women of our Armed Forces? Quite a bit, judging by this lineup.

Operation MySpace will be the largest MySpaceLive! concert to date with performances by:

The Pussycat Dolls

Jessica Simpson


DJ Z-Trip

and the comedic genius of Carlos Mencia.

Mr. President, the only humane option is total troop withdrawal within the next 11 days. Bring those kids home before the scripted onstage patter between Mencia and Jessica Simpson breaks their spirits for good.

Operation Mindspace [Official Site]