Mike Smith Of The Dave Clark Five, R.I.P.

daveclarkfivez.jpgMike Smith, the singer and keyboard player for ’60s British rockers the Dave Clark Five, died of pneumonia this morning outside of London. According to a statement from his manager, the infection was “a complication from a spinal cord injury he sustained in September, 2003 that left him a tetraplegic (paralyzed below the ribcage with limited use of his upper body).” Sadly, Smith will now have to be posthumously inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with the rest of the Five in less than two weeks, an event he was still planning to attend despite a four year hospitalization and ongoing medical problems stemming from his injury. The Dave Clark Five shook their mops through a memorable 18 month run on the American Top 10 between the spring of 1964 and December of 1965, scoring at least six smashes during the high moment of the British Invasion and enjoying success on both sides of the Atlantic through the late ’60s before breaking up in 1970. Smith was 64. [Velvet Rope/Rolling Stone]

  • Charles A. Hohman

    Sad this happened so close to the induction. Now, Dave Clark will forever resent Jann Wenner’s alleged vote tampering.

    DC5 is underrated, and I hope the spike in publicity, however tragic (see above) or self-congratulatory (see R&R Hall of Fame) might get a decent reissue/compilation on store shelves or into the digital music realm. Outside of overpriced used vinyl, they’ve been unavailable since the fine “History of the Dave Clark Five” anthology (which I still own on cassette) went out of print in the mid-90′s.

    Check 1966′s “You Got What It Takes” (if you can find it, natch) for evidence of Smith’s amazing pipes.

  • Charles A. Hohman

    Found some MP3′s from the “History” compilation here:


  • MameDennis

    Jann Wenner, fuck you six ways from Sunday. Actually, I’m going the George Carlin route: UNfuck you, Jann Wenner, you miserable meddling shit.

    @Charles A. Hohman:
    Amen to that… I tracked down a not-particularly-legal European compilation on CD, but there’s NO reason it should be hard to buy music from one of the most prominent bands of the British Invasion. It’s ludicrous, and reissues are WAY overdue.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Clark own his own music?

  • Ned Raggett

    I still really mostly know this band through the Rezillos cover of “Glad All Over.”

  • DaeSu

    Mike Smith had a helluva voice, arguably the best and most soulful of the British Invasion bands. I’m gonna dig out my DC5 compilation “Glad All Over Again” (on vinyl!) and crank it up. RIP.

  • Figgsrock

    Jann Wenner’s special wing of hell just had another wing added to it. I hope Dave Clark punches Wenner in the face at the cermonies. That would liven up what is usually a long, dull evening at the Waldorf-Astoria.