Beach House Load Up The Shopping Cart

Feb 29th, 2008 // 5 Comments

The Baltimore duo Beach House just put out its second album, Devotion, and it’s another collection of hazy, lovely tracks that are well-suited to drowsy afternoons, or just those times during the workday when daydreams are sorely needed. The video for “Heart Of Chambers” not only uses the widescreen capabilities of imeem’s (pretty nice) video interface well, it serves as a nice play on the metro-area shopping-cart race the Idiotarod. Although instead of that race’s “drunken buffonery,” in this clip the band’s two members are charged with a scavenger hunt, and they have to document their findings with a specimen of my favorite soon-to-be-extinct camera, the Polaroid–a detail that gives the clip a sweetly out-of-time feel. [imeem / MySpace]


  1. JudgeFudge

    LOVE this band.

  2. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Am I the only person who enjoys their sophomore disc more than the first one?

    Love it to death.

  3. Anonymous

    Been waiting impatiently for this to drop for WEEKS. So happy!

  4. NickEddy

    At 00:45 or so, dude looks like Paul Rudd in some “There Will Be Blood” outtake, and that alone should be commended.

  5. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Love them.

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