Britney Spears Drops New Single, Falls Even Further Into Post-Post-Postmodern Hell

Mar 3rd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Picture%201.pngA new Britney Spears song just premiered on Ryan Seacrest’s soon-to-be-nationwide radio show, and for some reason Britney, who still has a whole album’s worth of good dance-pop tunes to release to radio, is now lowering herself to duet with that chick from The Hills who made the really crummy music video a few weeks back. The song, “Dramatic,” doesn’t sound like a “duet” as much as it sounds like “Heidi Montag singing over a half-finished Britney song that someone left behind at the studio,” which lends some credence to Dan’s theory that it could a leaked track from Jive Records’ forthcoming Britney Spears – Duets collaboration. But I think it’s just Britney trying to hitch her wagon to that of a fellow tabloid star, thus proving that she’s the ultimate 21st-century fameball, someone who knows that the only way her Google News hits will go up is by forming some sort of silicone-and-spray-tan Wondertwin alliance with her counterparts from Us‘ table of contents. []


  1. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t there be a new term by now for post-post modern w/o using “post-post-post” like these damn scholars have Tourret’s?

  2. Anonymous

    Where’s Spencer’s guest verse?!

  3. SuperUnison

    @rhythmchyc: I’ve been using postironic. It’s not perfect, but it captures the level of intellectual and cultural distance needed to continue to mock contemptible people as they destroy themselves for attention without fear of actually becoming like them.

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