Ciccone Youth Member To Honor His Idol At Hall Of Fame Induction

madonna.jpgThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, perhaps looking to bolster the rocker cred of one its most undeniably pop inductees yet, is going a little left field with its choice of performers to pay tribute to Madonna at next week’s induction ceremony: Iggy & The Stooges. Then again, it’s not clear who would be a more obvious choice as a younger heir apparent to the singer’s legacy of blonde ambition, given the more wholesome new crop of Disneyfied starlets, and the fact that the pop tarts of yesteryear that Madonna previously passed the torch to with her tongue are currently popping out babies or otherwise, er, indisposed.

Rolling Stone notes that both Iggy Pop and Madge hail from Detroit, but misses perhaps a more crucial link: the Stooges’ bassist in its current incarnation is punk legend Mike Watt, whose obsession with Madonna once spurred friends Sonic Youth to record an entire album in tribute to her in 1988. No word on whether Watt will get to sing his rendition of “Burnin’ Up” at the ceremony.

Iggy & The Stooges to Perform for Madonna at Rock Hall Ceremony [Rolling Stone]

  • Cam/ron

    The Whitey Album is a bloody, post-post-postmodern pop masterpiece, yo.

  • tigerpop

    My master plan is almost complete. Now all Iggy has to do is bump off Madge before the show and give the “Madonna couldn’t be here tonight so we’re accepting this award on her behalf” speech.

  • dippinkind

    i doubt this is a possibility, but i think Iggy could totally kill on a version of Oh Father

  • tigerpop

    Wait–can we get an Iggy-Madonna rendition of “Candy”? PLEASE?

  • Maura Johnston

    @tigerpop: OMG YES

  • Jay-C

    @Maura Johnston: That would be beyond cool…And it’s to bad Gwen Stefani is having another Ross-baby, or I think she would have been great for a speech/performance for Madge…

  • Bob Loblaw

    I’m drinking a soy latte
    I’ll spit into the audi
    I mutilate my body
    Cause you know I’m satisfied

  • Lucas Jensen

    @tigerpop: I third this suggestion. Man, that would be great.

  • Anonymous

    @Bob Loblaw: FTW once again. Oh how I enjoy reading my daily entries in the Bob Loblaw Law Blog

  • Chris Molanphy

    @tigerpop: “Candy” is even a word in the title of her new album! I mean, can you beat the synergy?!