Dru Hill Set Record For Shortest Reunion In History

I channel surf back and forth between a few local Baltimore stations during my morning commute every day, but obviously this morning I made a mistake by not listening to 92Q. For the first time in years, hometown R&B heroes Dru Hill appeared on the air together to announce a reunion of all four original members, including onetime solo star Sisqo. But not ten minutes into the interview, Woody Rock started to explain that he feels he’s been “called by God on an assignment,” and Sisqo, in disbelief, asks, “the group, right?” Once it becomes clear that Woody doesn’t mean the group, Sisqo very reasonably retorts “dude, you could’ve told us this yesterday” and storms out, followed by a physical altercation between Woody and Nokio. I’m torn between feeling incredibly embarrassed for Baltimore right now that these guys are possibly the biggest stars we can claim as our own, and too entertained by this footage not to share it. [YouTube]