Breaking: Vampire Weekend’s Mothers Dress Them Funny

This weekend, Vampire Weekend cemented their superstar status, joining the ranks of such timeless acts as 3-D, the Tragically Hip, the Bus Boys, Timbuk3, and the Hothouse Flowers as musical guests on Saturday Night Live! There’s been a lot of talk about whether these guys are really Columbia douchebags or just playing up an image of Columbia douchebags and while there’ve been some salient points about the precarious position of class and race, we… wait a minute, what the fuck is that guy wearing? Really? A scarf the size of a tent? Indoors? He looks like Stuart Little after he curls up for a nap inside a shirt sleeve.

Well, to be totally honest, this guy is smarter, better-looking, richer, more successful and more fun than I’ll ever be. So maybe this is what well-educated, skinny, popular kids wear when they’re somehow fooling the world that they deserve to be much more than our generation’s Camper Van Beethoven. But something doesn’t sit right with me. I’d ask one of my friends that go to Columbia, but if I had a ton of friends who went to Columbia, I probably wouldn’t be trying to pay my rent by writing 400-word blurbs on Hydra Head bands. I feel lost, confused,,,,,,,[sic--that's how little I care about an Oxford comma] and really old.

Seriously, do people wear this shit? Is there some uptown hipster keffiyeh community I’ve somehow missed? Is this some kind of Seinfeld-ian puffy shirt fiasco? Or is he trying to protect his neck from real vampires?!

  • AL

    Don’t you know? The keyboardist is The Goofy One — the one who would do something like wear a giant scarf. It’s totally in line with the persona he’s cultivated in previous live videos I’ve seen.

  • baconfat

    @AL: Marty was “The Goofy One” in The Shins, then he ended up getting arrested for fisticuffs with his hot model girlfriend.

  • sncreducer

    I don’t know anything about music blogs and hype and blah de blah de blah.

    I just know I watched SNL this weekend, and the musical guest, a band I was vaguely aware from hearing their name several times in recent months – but a band whose music I had not yet heard – was fucking terrible. Boring, incomprehensible, derivative, and twee. And yes, I’m using “twee” as a pejorative.

    This comment officially ends the “thinking anything at all about Vampire Weekend” portion of my life.

  • narymary

    @lizochka: It’s necessary when said band is churning out boring twaddle.

  • Anonymous

    @Catbirdseat: Best comment here, by far. All you douchebags hating on Vampire Weekend so hard are more pathetic than they will ever be, and your bile says far more about your petty biases than it does about them.

  • SpeedyGonzalas is.

    “Going preppy is punk rock if you think about it.” You are so OTM. GG Allin was an Izod wearing bastard weren’t he? Preppy asshole, that GG.

  • suckitbitch120

    wow, its just their style. prolly a lot more than youll ever have. and id say he rocks the shorts and scarves. youve never seen a dude wear a scarf?? youve missed out. so anyways, his name is ezra. not just “he.” or “guy.” and no one gives a fuck about an oxford comma.