Attention Actual Teenagers and Old Creepy Dudes: The Teen Dance Show Is Back!

akonisapparentlyonthejob.jpgI spend most Saturday mornings watching the local UHF channel’s presentation of the best of Soul Train–entire episodes, including the Scramble Board!–and occasionally I wonder what happened to the teen dance show? Club MTV is long gone and American Bandstand didn’t make it into the 90′s, but the reasonably-priced nature of throwing some teenagers on a soundstage somewhere in Studio City to dance to various pop and urban hits seems like a can’t miss programming decision. Apparently, someone at Nickelodeon has discovered a way to remotely read my thoughts (this isn’t the first time I’ve suspected this), as they’ve announced 12 original episodes of Dance on Sunset! Sure, Don Cornelius won’t be there or the Soul Train line, but you have to take what you can get. Instead, there’s some sort of Youtubeish element involved. Plus, we get to see the Akon and Colbie Calliat duet we’ve all been waiting for! And Menudo! And crossover promotion for other Nickelodeon programming!

The dance/variety show with a tween twist will feature a mix of today’s hottest musical acts, free-style dance competitions and a troupe of young dancers to teach kids the latest moves, while viewers at-home can get in step each week in front of the tube and on a new, complementary website:….

“We know that music and dance are a big part of our viewers’ lives so, in true Nickelodeon tradition, we’re giving them their very own destination offering musical performances, dance competitions and their favorite celebrities” said Marjorie Cohn, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Nickelodeon. “In addition to serving up great entertainment, we are also offering our audience the unique opportunity to participate in this show at home.”

Stars slated to perform include Ashlee Simpson, Sean Kingston, Akon with Colbie and Menudo. Among the guest-stars on tap are Janet Jackson, Omarion and Nickelodeon’s own Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) and The Naked Brothers Band.

The series will feature the “Nick 6,” a newly formed troupe of young dancers from around the country who will perform and teach the latest moves and routines to a live audience, led by ace choreographer Tony Testa (Janet Jackson, Aaron Carter). Dance on Sunset will also tap into its live studio audience for contestants to compete weekly for the “Sunset VIP” title through a series of freestyle dance competitions. Viewers at home will be able to participate and learn a new dance in a segment titled, “Fresh Squeezed Dance.”

Nickelodeon will also offer home viewers an additional way to participate in Dance on Sunset through a complimentary website, Kids can visit the site to learn and practice the week’s “Fresh Squeezed” on- air dance segment, including an exclusive, “advanced” version. Viewers may also submit videos online of their own “Fresh Squeezed Dance,” check out “Backstage Pass” video highlights featuring guest performances, read weekly blogs, ask questions, post comments, participate in polls and play games.

Wait, there are going to be blogs on the complimentary website? Hey, Viacom, are you hiring, or would a 31-year-old guy commenting on teenage pop be a little creepy? Maybe so, nevermind then.

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  • Jasonbob7

    A dance show aimed at kids, featuring how-to-dance lessons, incorporating a YouTube element?

    And Soulja Boy is nowhere to be seen???


  • encyclopediablack

    I’m surprised MTV hasn’t tried to resurrect The Grind.

  • doctaj

    …yet chic-a-go-go has been running strong on chicago public access….

  • Tauwan

    “I spend most Saturday mornings watching the local UHF channel’s presentation of the best of Soul Train–entire episodes, including the Scramble Board!–and occasionally I wonder what happened to the teen dance show?”

    I was thinking the same thing when I first laid eyes on that new Gnarls Barkley video. At one point in time, Soul Train was a Saturday morning staple in my home. But yeah, about this show. So, basically it’s like All That for the two double-O eight, but with more dancing. Or like that Dance show from MTV that Sisqo and Tyrese frequented, but with less skin and sunshine?

  • Tauwan

    P.S. Dance [for reality television] is totally the new black.

  • Weezy F Baby

    @doctaj: beat me to it. chic a gogo should be syndicated.

  • Weezy F Baby

    for anyone who isn’t familiar with chicagogo:


  • D Day

    If you lived in LA sometime around 2004 or 2005, you may have been witness to “Dance 360″ on one of the local stations. It was hosted by some D list actor and a guy from Onyx, and had a pretty hot DJ chick. The crowd looked like extras from The Fast And The Furious. It was awesome.

  • Handsome Pete


    Eric from The Grind is due for an attempt at career resurrection via The Gauntlet.

  • Jfrankparnell

    what career? will they help him sell time-life comps again?

  • Handsome Pete

    Appearing on the Real World and at least one challenge constitutes a career.

    The Grind is just gravy.