They Might Be Giants Add A Big Dollop Of Goofiness To Our Afternoon

Reminiscing about the lost days of college rock–back when a fellow bald man could still be seen on MTV (late at night) (and on the weekend) (and who wasn’t Daughtry)–I recalled that one of my earlier concert experiences (slightly later than the loosely defined genre’s heyday) involved a three-way cute-collision between They Might Giants, solo Black Francis, and um…Frente. Despite having a best friend with a big enough boner for John and John to make me never really need to hear a TMBG album in full again, I still have a lot of affection for this song and its unashamedly earnest nerd stomp. Fellow quirk-survivor Chris Weingarten, who prompted this geeked-out flashback in the first place, also requested I post a link to Too Much Joy’s collaboration with Mr. Smith, “That’s A Lie.” So there it is. [YouTube]