Metalheads Take Anti-Emo Hatred To Illogical Extreme South Of The Border

And you thought you had beef with Those Dudes. This right here is Mexican TV news footage of a riot in Querétaro last Friday, where a supposedly hundreds-strong crowd had an ol’ fashioned turf war, this time between metal fans and emo fans. Blabbermouth reports that, “an Internet campaign is reportedly being waged to launch attacks against ‘emos’ in other parts of the country, with various web postings portraying emos as ‘homosexuals’ who give a ‘bad image’ to tourists who visit their towns.” I’m pretty sure emo fans get called homophobic slurs on message boards worldwide 24-7, 365, but can we at least, like, keep the assholism non-violent? [Blabbermouth]

  • mhale0

    Totally unrelated to this post, but what is up with the Futura headlines? Is that new? It looks awful! Hello?

  • GBirdii

    That’s brutal.

  • Garrison Dean

    Nice… Metal vs. Emo takes us back to the days of Greasers Vs. Socies, Greasers vs. Mods, Punks vs. Skins… no matter what, there is a disproportionate amount of hair product going on.

  • SuperUnison

    It’s really fun when you realize that emo kind of had to mutate into steakhead music in order to attain the cultural footprint it has right now. I mean, the only metal fans who know who Braid is probably lean more Hydrahead than Motorhead. Hed P.E. fans probably don’t even know what emo is yet.

  • Tenno

    Long greasy braids vs. Got2b! Dreads vs. frosted bits! Black makeup vs. eyeshadow and glitter!