The Future Sounds Of London Sound The Beginning Of Spring

Mar 13th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Okay, so we’ve still got a little while until it’s official, but daylight saving time has put the fever in me early as usual. And since we’ve had a bit of a rave flashback day today, there are few dance tracks more spring-esque (to me) than Future Sounds Of London’s sublimely chill 1991 anthem “Papua New Guinea,” featuring some wordless ululatin’ by Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard that screams (well, kinda sigh-moans) “late-afternoon sun” to this UV-starved homebody. I hope to shortly be listening to it under that very late-afternoon sun, but if you’re stuck at your desk for a while longer, you can watch the trip-into-CGI-kitsch video and pretend your coffee/Red Bull/Coke Zero is a smart drink, maybe. [YouTube]


  1. rogerniner

    This song, Orbital’s “In Sides” album, and some Freestyle are all I need to get my spring going.

  2. rekoil

    FSOL and Meat Beat Manifesto were the two best things about the early 1990s IMO.

  3. Tenno

    Aphex Twin. The Orb. Amorphous Androgynous (FSOL)

  4. rogerniner

    Ah, hell. Let’s start a chill out room.

  5. bcapirigi

    This song reminds me of the nerdy time that I flipped out at the Academic Decathlon because the nerdy jackwads that ran it totally ripped off the cover of Accelerator for their promotional keychains.

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