Mar 13th, 2008 // 4 Comments

ArchiePeople07.jpgThe are many witty/goofy sites out there right now offering various détournements of classic comic strips/books, but it’s going to take effort to top the cast of Archie doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics to Pulp’s “Common People.” And like the commenters here, I just hope can someone do this for the whole Pulp catalog. Like maybe Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy taking a duet on “Help The Aged” or Big Ethel singing “Birds In Your Garden” to Jughead? (Moose singing it to Dilton? I’m not partial.) [Chris's Invincible Super Blog via Circle The Globe]


  1. SuperUnison

    You get points for knowing what detournement is. Also, for brining this gem to my attention. I hope someone does Wilco + Snuffy Smith.

  2. joshservo

    I remember when Don Kirshner first offered “Common People” to the Archies. Jughead was so upset, he punched a hole in the wall, and said to Don, “That could have been your face!”

    I guess they worked it out.

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    I hear Cathy does a blistering version of “Razzmatazz”.

  4. DrWorm

    FYI, amongst the comments is a link to an adaptaion done by Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame.

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