Day Two: Straying Far From Sixth Street


Since I knew I wasn’t getting into the big car-sponsored Motorhead gig after being tipped off by a friend that the line had stretched around the block two hours prior to the show, my experience yesterday at SXSW was all about finding some day parties that were off the way-too-beaten path downtown–travels which took me first to a patio-rich pizza party in South Austin, then to a beer-and-pool bar east of the Sixth Street strip that’s become the Austin home of promoter Todd P, and finally to a carousel-themed bar northeast of downtown where I instantly felt at home, and where I’d probably spend the rest of the week were I not beholden to things like trying to see more bands than I did last year. I spent about 50 bucks on cabs, but given that I crashed out immediately upon my return to my hotel room, I’m going to think of that cash as an investment against eating too many late-night tacos further on in the evening.

DEPARTURE FROM HOTEL ROOM: Thursday, 11:48 a.m. CT. RETURN TO HOTEL ROOM: Thursday, 7:40 p.m. CT. WEATHER REPORT: Gray in the morning; broiling in the afternoon. BANDS SEEN*: Six: Chris Mills, Mussels, Ponytail, Gowns, The Black, Air Traffic Controllers. Running SXSW total: 16.DISTANCE BETWEEN THREE VENUES I ATTENDED: ~5.7 miles. BLOG-SPONSORED PARTIES ATTENDED: One. Running SXSW total: One. PANELS ATTENDED: Zero. Running SXSW total: Zero. NUMBER OF TACOS CONSUMED: Three (one al pastor, two chicken al carbon).BEST BAR DECORATION: The giant wooden elephant at the Carousel Lounge.. BEST AMENITIES, NON-OPEN BAR VARIETY: The Carousel Lounge had a pretty nice jukebox, too. Did I mention that I really liked this place?BEST DISCOVERY, NON-MUSIC: Hey Cupcake!, an Airstream trailer that doubles as a cupcake vendor. SECOND-BEST DISCOVERY, NON-MUSIC: In Austin, a “setup” is when you go to a liquor store and buy booze and a mixer for imbibing at a beer-only bar nearby. And people think New York nightlife is on the cutting edge. LONGEST LINE: The Scion-sponsored Motorhead/High On Fire/Napalm Death show, the impossibility of which bummed out every friend I ran into during the day. TOP “WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN AND WHY ARE WE HERE” MOMENT: Watching Don’t Forget The Lyrics as I ate dinner. But I think that show inspires those feelings in me no matter where I am.

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* Where “seen” = “caught two or more songs by.”

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