Rick Ross, I Might Owe You An Apology

Mar 14th, 2008 // 5 Comments

rightnowsomewherethisguyishustlin.jpgMr. Ross, I assumed after your 2006 single “Hustlin’”, you’d disappear from the charts, never to be heard again. The tracks with DJ Khaled last year threw me off a bit, but still I stuck to the idea that if you did put out another album, it wouldn’t make much of a splash. For one week, at least, Rick Ross, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. I should never underestimate the musical power of dudes with beards. Oh, and there’s projected chart news beyond the moves of bearded Floridians.

According the HITS Daily Double’s occasionally accurate chart projections based on first day sales, Rick Ross will take the top spot with around 180,000 units sold, with NOW 27 close behind at 170,000. Snoop Dogg disappoints perhaps no else else but me with a projected third place finish. ack Johson and Alan Jackson will likely fight it out for fourth and fifth, with some combination of Fat Joe, the Thriller reissue, and Idolator fave Sara Bareilles in sixth through eighth with around 40,000 sold. However, if Now That’s What I Call The 80′s and its “You’ve never heard THESE songs in THIS order” tracklisting knocks the Erykah Badu disc out of the top ten, you’ll see a tiny tear roll down my cheek on chart day.

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  1. Weezy F Baby

    to quote dj khaled from the speedin’ video: “you must be new around here or something..don’t you know we the best?”

  2. Anonymous

    Snoop’s appearance on One Life To Live should make record sales SOAR!!

  3. Dan Gibson

    @Weezy F Baby: Are you really contending that Rick Ross is among the best in anything?


  4. Weezy F Baby

    haha. i’ve always wanted to ask DJ Khaled if he honestly thinks he and his friends are truly the best.

  5. rad_matter

    HITS loves men with boobs. Just sayin’.

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