Welcome to 1997: A Roni Size Update

Mar 14th, 2008 // 7 Comments

As a commenter mentioned in a post on March 5th, “Remember ten years ago, when “sounds like Roni Size” was a compliment?” Even if you can’t remember, Mr. Size himself remembers. He’s bringing back the “classic” album New Forms–which as a reminder won the Mercury Music Prize over OK Computer and Fat Of The Land–in a re-edited form.

The re-edit mysteriously adds tracks instead of subtracting them, which makes me wonder if the British have a different definition of the term “edit.” Either way, Size adds “The generation of those who missed it will be able to appreciate the album with the new coat of armour I have added to the original tracks.” This news makes me sad on several levels, but largely due to the fact that apparently an entire generation has passed since 1997. [Hip Hop Elements]


  1. Anonymous

    I saw Roni and was hoping this was a Bobby Brown post. Boo!

  2. Tenno

    Way to depress the shit out of me man. I need to find my Roni Size Cd now.

  3. rogerniner

    “will be able to appreciate the album with the new coat of armour I have added to the original tracks” Is this to protect the tracks from a mass riot of indifference from the new generation?

    All we can hope is that someone will re-discover Bahamadia from this. In these trying times, We need her laid back flow more than ever.

  4. Anonymous

    I am FUCKING LOVING all the dnb-related posts recently.

  5. Captain Wrong

    It’s a disco thing. Re-edit 12″ singles are the track with the best bits looped so the end result is substantially longer than the source.

  6. Hiphopopotamus

    @Handsome Pete: Ha, I spent my 18th bday at a Roni Size show.

    He and the Propellerheads need to team up for a ‘Remember how we were supposed to kill Rock and Roll?’ concert.

  7. Handsome Pete

    I spent the last hours of my twenty-first birthday at a Roni Size show.

    I spent the last hours of my thirty-first birthday reading Idolator.

    I’m with Tenno.

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