The National Bank Bring The Neo-Yacht Rock

Mar 14th, 2008 // 3 Comments

thenationalbank.jpgIn Norway, apparently The National Bank are some sort of supergroup, with members of Jaga Jazzist and a bunch of groups I’m not sure quite made it over to the States. While they can’t quite coast here on their previous merits, any band that lists both Yes and the Notwist in their influences is worthy of a least one spin around my house. To my surprise, they’re a really enjoyably smooth pop/rock band, residing somewhere between America and Air, which would seem to be the perfect combination to woo your indie rock man- or lady-friends when the scarfs start comin’ off. Sadly, neither of my favorite tracks from their newish album Come On Over To The Other Side (“Let Go” and “From That Day To This”) have made in on to the internet in a manner than I can legally get away with posting, but the check second single “Family” after the jump.

The National Bank [Myspace]

  1. rogerniner

    My fiance noticed a smack of “smooth jazz” (as she sniffed disdainfully) while i picked out some 80′s Herb Alpert sounds on the last Jaga Jazzist album, so this almost seems not so out of the ordinary.

  2. Anonymous

    You had me at Norwegian Supergroup.

  3. iheartponeez

    Possibly true fact: You have to choose “chicken, fish, or beef” before you can get into their live shows.

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