Madonna’s Blatant Attempt At Channeling The Nuge Will Not Go Unnoticed By The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Selection Committee

Mar 15th, 2008 // 12 Comments


And she even took “inspiration” from the Lisa Frank-happy Ashlee Simpson for her album cover’s background! Never let it be said that Madonna has forgotten the mantra “all press is good press,” although I do kind of miss the days when she was ganking the styles of New York’s downtown denizens.

[HT: The Velvet Rope]


  1. SneakingThroughTheAlleyWithLalley

    If her album does actually channel the Nuge, then perhaps I’ll buy it.

  2. teemoney415

    She’s got less cameltoe, at least.

  3. Anonymous

    somewhere sean penn is shaking his head and reaching for the scotch.

  4. Camp Tiger Claw

    I didn’t know The Fabulous Moolah made a record.

  5. Captain Wrong

    Ooh, that Madge. She’s so edgy.

  6. Handsome Pete

    I wish pop music would start taking their design cues from No Limit circa 1997.

  7. Anonymous

    Nasty. She hasn’t gotten my candy hard since 1992

  8. Handsome Pete

    @SneakingThroughTheAlleyWithLalley: Being a No Limit Soldier loses a little something when your general competes on Dancing With the Stars.

  9. SneakingThroughTheAlleyWithLalley

    @Handsome Pete: back in ’97, my friend dated this italian-white-guy-wannathug, who was quite convinced that he himself was a “no limit soldier.” I’m sure Lil Romeo could kid this guy’s ass.

  10. AcidReign

        I could go for a Madonna version of “Great White Buffalo,” or even “Cat Scratch Fever.” Madge plays guitar these days, and those Nuge riffs aren’t that hard…

  11. queensissy

    @Camp Tiger Claw: You get my vote for Best Comment here.

  12. Anonymous

    I can’t remember the last time I was less interested in a pop album release….

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