Mar 17th, 2008 // 4 Comments

brunckert.jpgAuthorities were called in after the body of Ola Brunkert, drummer for pop giants Abba, was discovered in his Spanish garden over the weekend, but rather than uncovering foul play, they learned that Brunckert had merely “hit his head against a glass door in his dining room, shattering the glass and cutting himself in the neck. He managed to wrap a towel around his neck and left the house to seek help, but collapsed in the garden.” He was 62. [AP/Photo: AP]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Terrible. He was one of pop’s great drummers and certainly goes underacknowledged.

  2. dreamsneverend

    Wow bizarre! Wonder what his life after the ABBA mayhem was like.

  3. Handsome Pete

    It was never ABBAO.

  4. lol o M g i saw the picture that was funny but i know his pain. oww Justin how’d u do that? lol

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