Kate Nash Thinks One Lousy Record Entitles Her To An Opinion

Mar 17th, 2008 // 11 Comments

abritawardisslightlymoreusefulthanagrammy.jpgKate Nash, who according to Maura is “a lot less cloying than on record/in the press,” probably should consider visiting every single person who reads British music coverage, because at this rate, “cloying” is leading “not completely self-absorbed” by six lengths. Besides breaking the news to me that Nash is dating Ryan Jarman from The Cribs, a band I actually enjoy, this Sun article also lets us know that Nash finds people in the music business can be irritating (or “w******” in edited Brit-speak). Say it ain’t so!

“I threw some beer over some of the crowd at The Cribs gig over here the other day. I thought it was going to be amazing – but I got there and the band were amazing but the crowd were s***. It was just industry w****** with their clipboards.
“I threw a beer and it went over all of these industry people and they got upset. I went to a party and it was full of horrible stick-thin people. We did my new song in one live take. There are so many people in this industry who make you angry. It makes you want to scream.”

The ever-delightful Nash is glad she won the Best New Female Artist award at the Brits over Leona Lewis because “I started this myself. I’m not a manufactured, size zero pop artist who is going to bring out her own perfume and clothes range.” On the other hand, artists with their own perfume and clothing lines occasionally put out listenable music with lyrics that don’t sound like they were taken directly from their own MySpace blog, but maybe I’m being too picky.

Kate Nash’s music rant [This Is Nottingham]

  1. Anonymous

    The only problem with her logic is that she is just as manufactured as said “size-zero pop artist”. I passed her on the street on Saturday night and was amazed at how tall she is. Her height and frame make her rather imposing.

  2. NickEddy

    Back in ’94, younguns, we pretentious Brit-pop enthusiasts would call the likes of Ms Nash “shite,” smugly.

    It’s time again!

  3. AthertonMerriweather

    I actually like her album. Her…not so much. Why is she trying so hard to be Lilly Allen?

  4. NeverEnough

    She is the aural equivalent of a forced late-term abortion.

  5. BakerStreetSaxSolo

    isn’t she an alumni of the BRIT school? got, like, a BA in Modern Pop Star or something. Totally keeping it real, Nash, hating ‘the industry’.

  6. Anonymous

    This makes me really wonder what’s going on with Ryan Jarman.

    I hate it when boys from bands I like start dating someone really bad.

  7. Lax Danja House

    @AthertonMerriweather: so the fail will be even more spectacular?

    Actually, I don’t particularly mind her music. It’s just boring, and lacks the tunefulness of Ms. Lily’s. I also like the Cribs, albeit grudgingly.

  8. Chris Molanphy

    Intelligent input, darling — why don’t you just have another beer, then?


    Ok so the person that wrote this article doesn’t like Kate Nash. That doesn’t mean you have to slaughter, she’s one of the few modern pop singers that have a sense of style so I don’t think you should be talking about her like that because she has feelings and writes amazing music about real life, thats her thing, it’s called being origional and using good lyrics not just some chart music where you can hardley understand what the artist is saying (and yes they are real people to with feelings, thats why I’m not using there names.)
    I hope I’ve got MY opinion across :)

  10. Susie

    @EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION you are just so right – your point sums this up perfectly, I don’t think I need to add anything to that in order to proclaim how awesome I think Kate is!

    Just something to add to this – I really can’t stand it when people get stuck into slagging off artists like this. Everyone has different tastes in music and it really is quite upsetting at times to hear such horrible things being said. Music is often something really close to our hearts.

    Can’t we all just accept that we aren’t all into the same styles of music and leave it at that?

  11. confusionissex

    why would people “begrudgingly” like a band lax danja house? that makes no sense, you either like them or you don’t.
    i disagree that kate is manufactured, yes she’s on a major label but so are/were many self made artists who write their own songs. i think the pop artists she was referencing are the puppets that don’t write their own songs/lyrics and have no opinions of their own. also, kate’s success didn’t come from a mass marketing campaign, it was pretty much a done deal as she was so popular on myspace.
    the title of this piece makes me laugh. “Kate Nash Thinks One Lousy Record Entitles Her To An Opinion”.
    surely everyone is entitled to an opinion Dan Gibson? or was your title supposed to be ironic?

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