Beach Boys Purists Have Team To Root Against In This Year’s NCAA Tournament

Mar 18th, 2008 // 5 Comments

AP060707042226.jpgSay hello to the UCLA Bruins, who have a freshman named Kevin Love as their center. Why might some people who love the men who brought us “Fun, Fun, Fun” want to root for the team’s demise? The answer lies in this quote from today’s New York Times: “‘He doesn’t like to admit that he listens to [The Beach Boys] as much as he does,’ said Mike Love, an original Beach Boy and one of Kevin’s uncles. ‘Because it might mess with his street cred.’ ” Well, Mike, it’s probaly not the fact that it’s the Beach Boys as much as it’s the fact that the most hated member of the band happens to be a blood relation. After all, when I read that quote earlier, I realized that today’s Times story was the first time that I’d seen the name “Mike Love” without the word “Fuck” in front of it in, oh, about 15 months or so. [NYT / Photo: AP]

  1. Mr. Praline

    The halfcourt offence – they’ll get there faster if they take it slow.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I saw Mike Love take a shower.

  3. Anonymous

    Fuck Mike Love.

  4. Handsome Pete

    Mike Love doing the songs of Jesse Katsopolis.

  5. Thierry

    He’s not fooling anyone with that hat. Fucking Mike Love.

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