“Idol” Contestants May Get Judged (Or Serenaded) By Mariah Carey

Mar 18th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Rumors are surfacing that Mariah Carey will judge the American Idol hopefuls on April 16–one day after her new album, E=MC2, hits stores–but given that a) April 16 is a Wednesday, usually the night of the results show, and b) the source of this particular story is the chronically misguided Roger Friedman, whose auditory canals seem to be made up of tin cans and string, perhaps what Mimi was saying while backstage at Saturday Night Live this past weekend was something more along the lines of “I’m singing on American Idol on April 16″ or “do you want to come over to my American Idol viewing party on April 16?” or “I’m cursing America on April 16 because I really hate filing taxes.” Either way, I do hope that if she’s judging the Idol hopefuls, she takes some cues from their coaches as well, because girlfriend was sounding pretty rough during her SNL performance. [Fox 411 / YouTube]

  1. Cheap Shot

    So she sings for the last part of the song? this is suck RnBullshit drivel. I truly hope she goes away.

  2. Nicolars

    If there is one woman who can out-loopy Paula Abdul, it has to be Mariah.

  3. Tauwan

    This was tough to watch for a number of reasons:

    1) It felt rushed. And who would have thunk that Mariah Carey stepping in for Janet Jackson would feel rushed.

    2) Knowing that, lip synching or not, Janet Jackson would have killed it. Hands down.

    3)All elements of the performance, when jumbled together, just didn’t add up to make a nice whole: the misplaced dancers who looked like extras from the cast of rent, “Mimi’s” Real Housewives of Orange County look, and what appeared to be her own boredom or lack of enthusiasm/stage presence.

    4) The song. I am sure it’ll sound better on disc or on the radio, but man, those lyrics? And I thought Touch My Body was juvenile, even for her.

    5)And finally, there’s T-Pain. a)I see he trying to bring back the rap breaks where the guest rapper overstays his welcome on the track b) I swear to God he set us Black people back like 50, 65 years with that outfit and stage persona [and this is coming from someone who enjoys Epiphany] and c) I mean really, I got all sorts of Michigan J. Frog vibes from him the entire time he was rapping.

  4. Jay-C

    The best thing about Mimi on SNL was seeing how the camera was avoiding upskirt shots during her first song…

  5. Chris Molanphy

    As for the Idol rumor, the main reason for her not to sit in the judges’ booth is it would be like Tiger Woods judging a putting competition. Mariah — for better and much, much worse — is the archetype for modern Idol-style singing. When confronted with her comments, even if they’re nice, every female contestant, plus David Archuleta, will either melt into a puddle of tears or spontaneously combust.

  6. rad_matter

    I didn’t think the performance was that bad (except for Teddy “Overstaying My Welcome” Penderass looking like some deranged witch doctor). I was lost on how she hadn’t performed for over 10 years on SNL.

    @Cheap Shot: I hated the lipsyncing as well. I remember turning up the sound on my TV (and it’s a flat panel HDTV) to hear “Migrate” and then all of a sudden I hear “SOON AS WE WALK THROUGH THE DOOOORR!” and my eardrums are decimated.

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