Great Moments In Synergy: Or, Why Winning On TV May Not Equal Winning In Real Life

Mar 18th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Those of you who had your Friday nights open last fall, or who delighted in watching as I squirmed my way through televised music competitions featuring not-so-great “talent,” may remember The Next Great American Band, the “American Idol for bands” that aired to middling numbers and no chance in hell of being brought back for a second season. An even smaller number of you may remember that the “winners” of the competition were the Clark Brothers, a trio of related, finger-picking hotties who counted among their ranks a member of Carrie Underwood’s backing band. They haven’t done much since then, but tonight a different member of the band will make his triumphant return to the small screen… as the dobro player in an as-yet-unnamed Idol hopeful’s backing band. Why do I have a feeling that his connection to 19 Entertainment’s utter failure of a franchise-expansion won’t be mentioned at all by Ryan Seacrest? []


  1. Charles A. Hohman

    “the dobro player in an as-yet-unnamed Idol hopeful’s backing band.”?

    Kristy Lee Cook singing “I’ve Just Seen a Face”?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Sad…as much of a cock-up as the Band show was, I unabashedly admired the Clark Bros. — they were the real deal. I’m shocked somebody hasn’t found them marketable yet.

  3. jenocyde

    Was that one of them playing slide geetar for Chikeze? They didn’t show any faces…just anonymous fingers…

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