Sparks Are Not Starting Any Sort Of Beef With Morrissey

Fans thought that Los Angeles pop group Sparks had some sort of issue with The Last of the International Playboys, what with “Lighten Up, Morrissey” being a song title on the group’s forthcoming album, Exotic Creatures Of The Deep. But it’s totally not like that:

Sparks have refuted speculation that a new song attacks Morrissey.

“Lighten Up, Morrissey” is actually about a man who is unlucky in love, because his girlfriend doesn’t think he’ll ever match up to Moz.

Sparks’ manager Sue Harris told PS: “It’s a tribute to Morrissey. The Maels are big admirers of Morrissey–he’s been a Sparks fan for years, and the feeling is mutual.”

While I am a little bummed the two camps won’t be coming to fisticuffs anytime soon, I’m glad that I’ve been given the chance to post Sparks’ 1975 Top of the Pops performance.

Sparks’ New Album (With Morrissey related title) [ / HT: Paul Cox]

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