The Kurt Cobain Converse: For Those Days When Your Doc Martens Need To Be Aired Out

cobain-sneaks.jpg Because there aren’t enough “Commodify Your Dissent” jokes out there, the Daily Swarm is reporting that Converse plans to release a line of Kurt Cobain-inspired sneakers as part of the company’s 100th-anniversary celebration. Unlike the Doc Martens campaign from last year, this line of footwear is approved by Courtney Love, perhaps because Cobain loved One-Stars so much, he decided to die in them. I guess I could be all “blah blah blah capitalism” about this, but instead I’m trying to come up with a list of sneakers that would commemorate other important moments of the past 100 years. Teapot Dome Scandal Purple Chucks, anyone? [The Daily Swarm]

  • SuperUnison

    Ruby slippers for the homeless?

  • Anonymous

    Are they supposed to be all dirty upon purchase?

  • MTS

    @SuperUnison: How about Louboutins? Then they could look just like Mary Kate Olsen.

  • Chris N.

    Yuck. They may as well have authentic blood spots on them.

  • Anonymous

    Courtney is pure class.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Punk rock means Freedom’….to market the shit off a dead guy that let’s face it- really wasn’t all that great to begin with.

  • drjimmy11

    @cmarsh: shhhh. It’s not polite to point out the emperor’s nudity.

  • Captain Wrong

    Punk rock means commerce.

  • OingoBobo

    Converse shoes are the shittiest, cheapest blah blah blah ever made for feet– including those Crocs. No arch support, no ankle support, they smell, and if skate in them they fall apart in a week.
    Faux punk hipster bullshit.

  • Chris N.

    As someone who’s wearing Converse shoes right this second, that’s good to know.