Yelle Would Like To See You

Mar 18th, 2008 // 10 Comments

French pop singer Yelle is out with a new video for “Je Veux Te Voir” (Translation: “I Want to See You”) and there’s two things that cross my mind about it: first, is it just me, or does she give off a serious Lady Miss Kier vibe? It must be the short smiley-faced dress she’s wearing. Second, the gym sequence reminds me of Benni Benassi’s “Satisfaction” clip. [YouTube]


  1. dreamsneverend

    Check out her video on YouTube with Fatal Bazooka. I’ve been playing it in the club the last month or so where it literally stops the dance floor as people watch the screens.

  2. Thierry

    @pantycrickets: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    On a more positive note, go see her if she comes to your town – these songs are ridiculously fun live.

  3. cockfightbarmitzvah

    So let’s see now. Terrible Britney Spears clone+French lyrics=blog cred? Seriously if you lived in France right now, you’d all be laughing this off as derivative pop garbage, but because the lyrics are foreign it somehow seems cuter. Some get Jessica Simpson a Berlitz French phrase book stat!

  4. Anonymous

    “Je veux te voir” used to be my scream-it-when-drunk song. Now “Parle à ma main” has taken its place. C.C. – Ça craint! Thanks, rainmkr!!

  5. dreamsneverend

    @cockfightbarmitzvah: everyone is a critic. and yes it’s pop cheese, but you don’t have to go through life hating it.

  6. Thierry

    @cockfightbarmitzvah: Actually, the lyrics are intended as an answer to and a parody of the sexist lyrics of French rap stars TTC (see the references to TTC member Cuizinier’s short appendage).

  7. Anonymous

    @Mtl777: Was that directed toward me? The reason I sing it is because it’s rude. And also completely ridiculous.

  8. Anonymous

    You realize the lyrics are pret-ty rude, right?
    Good fun, though…

  9. Anonymous

    Perez put her on his site. Career over?

  10. MrStarhead

    This has somehow inexplicably made it into MTV’s miniscule early-morning rotation… I’ve seen it twice now. Catchy, but it’s not like 12-year-olds can sing along to it.

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