John Mayer Files A Bug Report


Sorta-sensitive singer John Mayer went back to a well-worn blogger well when he wrote up a recent iTunes crash–complete with screenshots!–on the latest iteration of his personal site. (I guess since he already went the “blogging his lunch” route, this was the only direction that he could take.) Mayer wonders if his report will be met with a reaction not unlike the ones that the cast of The Front Page has when a big story breaks, but I suspect that it’ll just be met with relief that the missive doesn’t just say “U SUCK ITUNES!!11one”

Report [John Mayer's Blog]

  • Lucas Jensen

    Okay. Is it wrong for me to admit that I think that guy’s kinda funny?

  • Agro

    @Lucas Jensen: “Kinda” sums up Mayer in his entirety.

    Kinda funny, kinda likable, kinda talented, kinda a bro-y douchebag.

  • GhostOfDuane

    i think i saw john mayer on the 1 train yesterday. he was very shifty-eyed, perhaps hoping he would not be recognized, and he had very nice hair. he had a mustache though. does mayer have a mustache now? can someone confirm?

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s hilarious. But then again, I’m kinda a douchebag too.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that people think he’s funny. I just assume they’re the same people that think “Two And A Half Men” is funny.

    It just comes off as look at me! look at me! He clearly wasn’t given enough attention as a child.

  • Halfwit

    @Lucas Jensen: While I would agree with “kinda” as a one word description for the man, I’ve always gotten a kick out of his sense of humor. I think he represents a new generation of soft-rock stars (see: Norah Jones) who are fully aware of their own images in the eyes of the general public, but still want to live their day to life as twenty-something hipsters, playing in punk bands and doing parodies of internet shock videos with guys from “Best Week Ever”.

    @pantycrickets: Dude, he was on the Chappelle Show. He’s definitely earned the benefit of the doubt from me.

  • Hiphopopotamus

    Will someone just pay attention to him already?

    John, you’re a swell guy, but you’re turning into that guy you knew in college who would bug you all day long with that funny thing he said or did. Guess we had to be there.

  • Anonymous

    @Hiphopopotamus: Best new insult ever!!

  • Silverfuture

    @pantycrickets: Hey! Two and a Half Men is kinda funny.