Ashlee Simpson Wipes The Inkblots From Her Slate

Mar 19th, 2008 // 9 Comments

ashleesimpsonnewcover.jpgAfter much giggling over its arcade-photo-booth inkblots and bad font, Ashlee Simpson and her label have decided to make the cover for her forthcoming album, Bittersweet World, a little less k-razy. The new cover (click to enlarge) removes all the Photoshopping gone wild and swaps in a typeface that seemingly has the word “worm” somewhere in its name. Something tells me that this lunge for restraint won’t do much for sales of her single with the Plain White T’s guy, but hey, weirder things have happened. [Backseat Cuddler]

  1. Anonymous

    If Ashlee’s label (Epic?) manages to somehow make this disaster a commercial success, my faith in the industry will be oh-so-marginally restored…

  2. Anonymous

    Unless they switch out the content, it isn’t going to help. Seriously though, who are we kidding here? This girl has two number one albums. Are we really going to act surprised when this one goes platinum?

  3. Tauwan


    The main roadblock for Ms. Simpson is holding on to a fan base that likes their Ashlee more Avril like and less Nelly Furtado [circa 2006-2007]/Gwen Stefani like. I personally think it could be a good look for her, but that’s only because I like Outta My Head. If her fans stick with her, then she will, like panycrickets said, at least go platinum.

  4. Tauwan

    And yes, I know, I know, why do I care so much?

  5. Anonymous

    @Tauwan: She is oddly fascinating isn’t she?

  6. Tauwan


    I ain’t gotta lie to kick it, I sat through an episode or two [or three, you know how MTV loves them some marathons] of her show back in the day. God, remember the Ashlee Simpson – Ryan Caberra(?) days?

  7. Rob Murphy

    1) I LURVED “La La” and “Boyfriend”.
    2) I’m not a Wentz-hater, so Ashlee doesn’t get any by-association hate from me.
    3) Timbaland is on this record.

    Yeah, I’m buing it.

  8. SneakingThroughTheAlleyWithLalley

    @Rob Murphy: Boyfriend is good, my niece made up a dance to that for some show @ her school. I happen to love the one where she whines for four minutes about how jessica gets everything while she (GASP!) lives in the shadow.

  9. Anonymous

    @Tauwan: Very good points, indeed. I suppose the packaging and repackaging of Artificial Teenage Angst has been the bread and butter of the record industry for years….why stop now, right?

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