Getting Urgent With Johnny Foreigner

Mar 19th, 2008 // 3 Comments

johnnyforeigner.jpgOften, when we post videos they’re either brand new or nostalgia-baiting old. This will be an exception. Johnny Foreigner is a U.K. trio whose new single, “Our Bipolar Friends,” has recently landed in the U.K. Indie Chart–not in itself a big deal (the U.K. indie chart changes over by about half every week), but when I checked the song out I loved it immediately, played it for friends, etc. It’s a snappy, spazzy indie zoomer–not unlike a British Thermals (especially given the female bassist/co-lead singer), though far more early-’90s. (Maybe this is a nostalgia post.) Anyway, below are a couple of YouTube items, one the earlier song “Camp Kelly Calm,” the second a bit from a program on England’s Channel 4 featuring an interview and some live songs, including “Bipolar.”

The video:

The TV appearance:

Johnny Foreigner [MySpace]


  1. Jan74

    I liked it. They reminded me of a more manic Architecture in Helsinki.

  2. Weezy F Baby

    fuck architecture in helsinki, this reminds me of BRAID.

    thanks for the heads up on these dudes, matos.

  3. Anonymous

    Comment on Getting Urgent With Johnny Foreigner Shit, you like ŒOur Bipolar Friends¹, wait until you hear the album ŒWaited
    Up Œtil It Was Light¹. Amazing!!!

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