Don’t Get Too Sad About Amanda Overmyer’s Elimination From “American Idol”

Mar 20th, 2008 // 4 Comments

amandaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpgBecause apparently she’ll be back during this year’s “Idol Gives Back” telecast, along with David Hernandez and three contestants who were eliminated during the weeks that the Idol field was winnowed from 24 to 12. Rumor has it that the charity show will feature a long-bandied-about Wild Card round during which those five contestants will compete for a slot on the American Idol summer arena tour, which in previous seasons only brought along the top 10. (Alas, the Wild Card winner won’t be able to return to the competition itself.) Given that my picks for the past three weeks have been wildly off, I’m going to guess that Luke “Don’t Call Me Freddie, No Really” Menard will somehow use the next month or so to rally the a capella singers of America to dial for him until their knuckles bleed, thus allowing him to flail his jazz hands all over the country this summer. Sigh. [MJ's Big Blog]

  1. Anonymous

    ewwwwwwwww… i’ve had enough of the skunk hair nurse!

  2. loudersoft

    At least by being eliminated I no longer have to talk about her being “this year’s Sanjaya”.

    American Idol: giving new meaning to “taking a turn for the nurse” — oh yes, yes I did.

  3. f1sh3r

    for someone who claims to sing queen songs for a living, he sure did suck singing them on tv.

  4. Jan74


    And that is when he sucked the *least*. The intro saying that he’d learned to get it perfect every time singing a capella just made it worse.

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