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gilmore-girls-large.jpgIf Gilmore Girls were still on the air, it’s highly likely that there would be at least one Vampire Weekend name-check by this point in the season. Here are four possible–and highly plausible!–scenarios for that reference. (My favorite, perhaps unsurprisingly, involves Lane talking about leaking the demos of her band Hep Alien to music blogs, and telling Rory that she’s hoping for “a Vampire Weekend effect, even though their preppy afropop is totally overrated.”) [Pretty Goes with Pretty]

  1. Catbirdseat

    I’m still holding out for them to appear on a episode of Gossip Girl, playing at some exclusive UES student soiree, where Blair Waldorf is in the process of doing something sneaky.

    Uh, not that I, um, actually watch the show or anything, ahem.

  2. SuperUnison

    I’m too ignorant of Gilmore Girls to have an valid opinion on plausibility. However, from what I know of the show, every one of those scenarios made me laugh.

  3. Bob Loblaw


    “Ooooooh yeah! So tell me, is your name really Ezra, brother?”
    “Why yes, Hulk, it is.” (insufferable smirk)
    “And how are you feeling so far?”
    “I just wish Wolf would give me back my tibia at some point.”

  4. Det. Philangie

    Man they’re all plausible! Maybe Hep Alien would change their look? Could you imagine Sebastian Bach all prepped out?

    I think Zack would hate them though, he’s a totes straight-up rock dude.

    And just for the hell, remember when Hep Alien played CBGB’s?

    Brian (reading the walls of the band room) : Here’s The Strokes again.

    Zach: Even on walls, they’re overexposed.

  5. rich36

    Had they been around a few years earlier, they would have been a good candidate to play The Bronze. Maybe a split bill with Dingoes Ate My Baby.

  6. Anonymous

    Hep Alien broke up! After Lane had the baby, Zach was asked to tour with a new band. He wasn’t going to go, but Lane urged him to live out his dream.

    Vampire Weekend are definately up Logan’s alley though. Jess would rag on him to Rory by saying “Go hang out with your boyfriend at a Vampire Weekend concert!”

    I don’t have a life…

  7. futurehorse

    Ever since that opening sequence where Lane and Rory are running into the house stoked to listen to “Apple Venus , PT.2″ or some other new late-era XTC, I have believed in the power of the Gilmore Girls. But yeah, I vote Lane being the one excited for VW, although Logan and Ezra would totes be friends.

  8. Det. Philangie

    @pantycrickets: I think they were just on hiatus until the twins got old enough. They broke up that one time, when Lane and Zach did, but they got back together to do the church tour. (Which would’ve been awesome!)

    I don’t care how insane this conversation sounds, I miss this show so fucking much.

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