I’ve Officially Lost Touch With Urban Youth Culture

I like to think of myself as having my finger on the pulse of youth culture (not literally, as per my agreement with the state of Arizona). When I spent a evening at the local skating rink, I managed to keep up with the pre-drinking age DJ’s and their “Does The White Guy Know Urban Music?” quiz. But reading through the radio charts this morning, I realized quickly that T-Pain is releasing music quicker than I can hear it at this point.

It’s possible you’re way ahead of me here, but let me introduce you to 2 Pistols, who recieves the following endorsement from YouTube commenter “Brattyx12″: “DaMnZ 2 PiSt0L iZ s3x!”. Of course, without T-Pain, 2 Pistols wouldn’t probably amount to much, but with Autotuned assistance, he had last week’s 33rd-most-spun song at radio, “She Got It,” which is likely to climb into the top ten this week.

The song itself is OK, albeit largely forgettable. But is this how it’s going to be now? It’s hard enough to try to keep track of Plies and Flo Rida and Rocko without T-Pain appearing on tracks left and right. I just heard Dolla the other day. It’s getting impossible to keep up. Slow down, Teddy, for the sake of the people who have to blog about this stuff.

2 Pistols f. T-Pain – She Got It [YouTube]
2 Pistols [MySpace]

  • DavidWatts

    I watched MTV Hits for an hour the other night, and I swear that T Pain was in every 4th video. It was Kid Sister’s playlist. First, I had to watch her act like some annoying “fun” hipster for an hour (you know the kind), and then I watched her video where she does her total faux ghetto voice, and was flabbygasted. That’s vocal blackface!

  • encyclopediablack

    Is he wearing a tuxedo t-shirt?

  • noliebro

    I am stunned how modern Hip-hop artists release around 4 albums a year and yet somehow Hip-hop radio plays the same playlist of 10 songs all friggin day….if i hear “shorty she’s a ten..” one more time I am gonna bust out 2 pistols and shoot my local DJ