Attention Ladies: Keith Sweat Is Back

Mar 21st, 2008 // 7 Comments

hesgonnamakeyousweat.jpgKeith Sweat, the sexiest former stockbroker around, is back with a new album, and the thousands of women who have followed his twenty-year-long career are probably quite excited. Who wouldn’t be? During his late-’80s/early-’90s heyday, Keith Sweat was the man, with hit after hit, and although singers like J. Holiday try to pick up that loverman mantle, their attempts just don’t seem quite as filthy as Keith’s.

The best thing about Keith Sweat is that he’s grounded. Sick of artists trying to do something new? Stretching their creative boundaries? That sort of thing isn’t for Keith. He knows what you like, and he’s gonna give it to you.

“I’m giving the people what they expect from me,’ Sweat stated in a statement. “You hear other artists out here who make the mistake of trying to be trendy. They really try to keep up. I know people want to hear Keith Sweat. I’m conscious of the people who have followed me the whole time, since day one. I remember that I have a fan base and I’m very careful to give the people what they expect from me.”

His new album features a track with Keyshia Cole, but whose doesn’t at this point?

We also pay tribute to Keith Sweat with a few Youtube classic selections.



I Want Her:

Rhythm and blues legend Keith Sweat looks back on finding, keeping fame [The Norman Transcript]


  1. Anonymous

    Can we get Johnny Gil off Eddie Murphy for a new slow jam or what?

    These songs are my karoake gold.

  2. Maura Johnston

    man, ‘i want her’ is such a freaking jam. love it.

  3. Dan Gibson

    @Maura Johnston: I should have mentioned this in the actual post, but one of my top ten live shows of all time is a Keith Sweat performance at the nightclub above the Kodak Theatre. That guy can entertain, plus he had a midget hypeman.

  4. Tauwan

    Can you imagine if Gerald Levert was still alive? (R.I.P. Big homie) Encore of LSG’s My Body in every city, every night. Cause seriously, what else is Johnny Gill doing?


    Oh wait, nevermind.

  5. Anonymous

    Awww shit. At least half the kids I know were conceived due to a Keith Sweat song. Forget the ladies, the GENTLEMEN need to be thrilled that this man is back.

  6. silkyjumbo

    i dare you to find an “urban” high school in america that has not used make it last forever as a prom theme at least once since 1989.

  7. Anonymous

    i know i have 3 off his songs and if i hadnt shut down shop, i would have more. keith is the best of all times and his songs never get old. keep it coming keith

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