Kylie Vs. MIMS, Part 2: Now With Actual Sound

Kylie.jpgWe don’t normally post streams on Idolator, but to follow up on our earlier item about the Kylie/MIMS pairing, here are the two versions of “All I See,” one where Kylie struts her stuff by herself and one where the ringtone rapper is glommed on to her song. Was the makeover necessary?

Kylie Minogue, “All I See” [Stream]
Kylie Minogue feat. MIMS, “All I See” [Stream]

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  • Tauwan

    I don’t know why, but I just took a minute to say “All I See, All I See, …OH! All I see is you! That song!” And now, I am a little upset. The song is so muted, simplistic, and gorgeously R&B [Could easily slide onto a Janet Jackson album post Velvet Rope onwards], and adding MIMS a.k.a McGruff tha HOT rappa will just take away from all that. The best (?) part of it all is this is the guy who proclaims that he can “make a mil saying nothing on the track” but I get the feeling that this “remix” will get nowhere near that number in sales.

  • Nunya B

    I just don’t GET it. Robyn is such a tiny name and she demanded to work with Snoop Dogg. Did Kylie even approve this remix? I feel as though she’ll be vacationing in LA someday soon and hear this on the radio and be utterly surprised- that’s how disparate the MIMS bit and the Kylie bit are from one another.

    There is fun trashy rap on X anyway. Why not just release Nu-di-ty?

  • Empire

    I listened to four seconds of the remix. Now I want to die.

    Thanks, Idolator.

  • Tauwan


    I still can’t believe that Madonna’s new disc has been bouncing around back and forth in the top 5 on’s bestseller’s list for a week or three now. Madonna fans ain’t no joke son.

  • thumper

    yuck – first madonna, now kylie is hip hop – hates it – release in my arms in the usa kylie – duh – have to admit i love the new madonna single now ;)

  • thumper

    i know – just wait – this album is going to be a bigger seller than “Confessions…” which im calling right now is a better album than “Hard Candy” will be.