Music Writing Job Opportunities: Yes, There May Be Some (Or At Least One) Out There

Mar 24th, 2008 // Comment

Title.newsflash.jpgIn this time of increasing global conflict and economic strife, the Associated Press–the wire service that populates most of your finer papers’ “News In Brief” sections–has decided to bolster its coverage in the one area that needs to be explained to people most: Entertainment news that is “not about gossip, unnamed sources and innuendo or about ‘peephole’ journalism with AP photographers becoming paparazzi.” A total of 21 reporters will be hired in New York, London, and Los Angeles, and some of those writers will be tasked with writing about music, since some study somewhere is showing that there are people out there who actually want to read about it. No, really!

What new products are currently being developed?
The entertainment vertical will focus on coverage that is most often requested by our members and customers – coverage of celebrities, movies and music – with an emphasis on photo and video products to meet the growing demands of the market. Future products will be developed and targeted for the online and broadcast markets, which are seen as the largest areas of growth. The first new content offering from the entertainment division will focus on celebrities and be heavily image driven. To that end, we will start ramping up celebrity coverage soon. The new initiative has already led to a new signing for AP, a deal to provide celebrity video for

See? Music content is “requested by … members and customers”! Although I have a feeling that the “music” coverage will be more of the “Britney did this” or “Hey, did you hear that Pete Wentz said that he was suicidal? It was three years ago, but hell, a slow news day knows no time constraints!” variety than, say, an extended treatise on anything that can actually be, you know, put on your stereo or seen in concert. (Call it a hunch.)

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