Bob Lefsetz Is Feeling Defensive (And Maybe Old)

Mar 24th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Zoso_300.jpg“Everybody knows Led Zeppelin is better than any act breaking today. But the pundits just accuse those into classic rock as being old farts. Like the music of today’s players is just as good as those of the Beatles’. Hell, it’s not as good as that of the Dave Clark Five. Not even Herman’s Hermits.” Hey Bob, maybe embedding this greeting card in your latest missive would have saved you at least a couple of words? [The Lefsetz Letter]


  1. okiedoke

    Get off Bob’s case. Right now.
    He’s working while many of the rest of us are sleeping. His rants are heartfelt (some move so fast they bypass his brain), and the overall output has more useful content than you struggle to acknowledge.
    If he went after you guys, I’d set him straight,too.
    Now, let’s just get along, kids. Some day you’ll get the old fart tag, so get calibrated.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Lefsetz needs to fight with Kid Rock more.

    That said, guy is still an old geezer. Even what new music he does like is old fart music.

    At least he’s not penning anymore riveting emails about skiing. At least not for the time being.

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Kinda pulled that one out of context you guys, shame. I will say he does a poor job of differentiating whether he’s just talking about mainstream music or whether he means ALL music being put out today until seemingly right at the end.

  4. okiedoke

    Is that the entertainment vertical?

  5. angshu

    Of course, he’s still stuck spewing bile at the mainstream while Everybody Knows that the mainstream hasn’t been where it’s at for a very, very long time now.

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