Rick Astley, “Family Guy” Fan

Mar 25th, 2008 // 1 Comment

The Manchester Evening News has a charming profile of the long-in-hiding blue-eyed soul singer Rick Astley, who opted out from stardom in 1993 but is touring this summer on the Here and Now Tour. (That’s the tour where artists’ set lengths are determined by the number of big hits they had.) The piece has many charming details–Rick has a daughter, is working on a screenplay, and probably won’t drop a new album anytime soon–but it would appear that while the reporter mentioned the Rickrolling phenomenon in the piece, he didn’t ask Astley about it. How come? Because Astley fondly mentions being Rickrolled by freaking Family Guy, saying “whoever they get to do the voice is absolutely brilliant… I’ve played that to more people than I’ve played any record I’ve made. It’s priceless.” Sigh. Rick. You were so cute! [Manchester Evening News]

  1. alex

    hahahahahaha! that's so true.
    i love family guy. oh i love it.

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