Smashing Pumpkins Apparently Have “Artistic Integrity”


Well, now you’ve done it, Virgin Records. You’ve crossed Billy Corgan and the pride he takes in his creative endeavors. The Smashing Pumpkins as an entity (which I like to imagine is Corgan and a old typewriter) are suing their label for breach of contract filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit claims that the band has “worked hard for over two decades to accumulate a considerable amount of goodwill in the eyes of the public,” and said goodwill was damaged by a Pepsi Stuff promotion that used the Smashing Pumpkins band name in its advertising blitz, a use that apparently wasn’t covered in the agreement to sell the Pumpkins’ music digitally. This lawsuit makes me wonder if I can sue the band for presenting a band under the Smashing Pumpkins name that barely resembles the band I used to enjoy, so I might be calling Jacoby & Meyers later. [AP]