Today’s Great Moment In Press Release History

Mar 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

dimmuborgir.jpgThis particular line of work can expose you to a number of tedious press releases. Someone has signed to a label you’ve never heard of. An artist you’ve long since forgotten about is touring somewhere. However, occasionally someone comes through with a little nugget of editorial gold.

Most of the press release about the upcoming Invaluable Darkness is the standard stuff… Dimmu Borgir is touring, the tour is sponsored by Cocaine energy drink, it’ll be broadcast on the Internet, etc. etc. But then, there’s this magical paragraph:

“Many Cocaine fans are also big music fans, so Cocaine joining this tour was a no-brainer,” said Raymond Herrera-Partner and world wide marketing director of Redux Beverages. “We like to get out face-to-face with Cocaine fans, so this is another of many concerts you can expect to see Cocaine sponsor and support.”

Raymond Herrera, you’ve just made my day. You could have chosen to take the high road, and avoid the number of tasteless puns your drink’s name inspires, but no, you had the courage to go right for the joke we were all waiting for, and I thank you. I won’t be attending the tour, or drinking your beverage, but I hope this post is some thanks for you the joy you brought me today.

Redux and Cocaine Energy Drink To Sponsor The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 [The Gauntlet]


  1. NedRaggett

    “Crack! Now in easy to swallow Crack tablets!”

  2. SuperUnison

    It’s still not as bad as the racist puns that we all had to avoid when Howling Monkey Energy Drink sponsored the Monsters of Crunk tour.

  3. Chris N.

    I’ll bet the acts get all the free Cocaine they want backstage.

  4. Bob Loblaw


  5. Richaod

    Idolator blogging about Dimmu Borgir and Fear Factory? That’s infinitely more shocking to me than anything involving cocaine.

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