Mar 25th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Sean “Diddy” Combs has settled a lawsuit brought against him by a man who claimed that he was punched and his girlfriend was pushed by the hip-hop mogul at a 2007 Oscar afterparty. In a statement to the court, Diddy said that “any contact … was caused by his forward motion against my open hand,” a non-denial denial that at least is sort of more believable than Diddy claiming that he saw the guy “walk into a door.” Whether or not Combs had to pay his victim in money or No Bitchassness T-shirts was unknown at press time. [AP / Photo: AP]

  1. Anonymous

    Yikes. That’s the most common defense in domestic violence cases as well.

  2. DeeJayQueue

    Bart: I’m going to keep swinging my fists like this and walking forwards… and if you get in the way, then that’s your fault.

    Lisa: Well I’m going to kick the air like this… and if you walk into my feet, that’s your own fault.

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