For Once, We’re Going To Value Your Input (Don’t Screw It Up)

Mar 25th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Considering I’ve spent the last two days listening to nothing but the Uptown Saturday Night collection from Time-Life, it’s safe to say even the most seasoned blogger hits low spots with new music. Ever the optimist, I’d like to believe there’s music out there that’s flying below the MGMT/Vampire Weekend level on the radar. Here’s where you come in, our clever comment section. Have at it…tell us what’s out there that we’re missing. I might not give up the eighteen discs of Uptown Saturday Night, but a little variety would be nice. Just don’t try to sell me on El Guincho, for pete’s sake.

  1. Anonymous

    Shocking Pinks!!!!!

    They are so this blog. super shoegaze revival they even have breakbeat remixes that remind me of like bowery electric or those post mbv kevin shields remixes.

    and Faux Fox. they are amazing

  2. Nunya B

    @liquid444: re: Fischerspooner

    “The Best Revenge” is amazing. “Danse en France” is horrible. Y/N? I was so disappointed by Danse en France- I hope the album skews more toward “The Best Revenge” than the alternative (which is ecky).

  3. Anonymous

    Has anyone else heard this song “Handlebars” by the Flobots? It’s so horrible in every way except for being a funny reminder of novelty one hit wonders from the previous decade. It would’ve been huge circa ’95.

  4. Nunya B

    @Tauwan: Is pop/chart music bad? I love pop music. My favorite website is Popjustice. There is no shame in liking music DESIGNED to appeal to people.

    (Unless you mean “pop” in the stupid rockist sense of the word, where Animal Collective is pop music or whatever, in which case I have words for you.)

    Anyway yeah the H+LA album took a lot of time for me to get into but I think the latter half is a lot better than the opening half. “Time Will”, “Iris”, “Blind”, and “True False Fake Real” are my favorite tracks- three of those tracks are in the second part of the album. Put it on while you work, not at full volume- I did that and the following day all the hooks were stuck in my head. I was a little annoyed, but then I realized that I’d ordered the album off Amazon UK a while back on the strength of “Blind” and then I felt better because my money hadn’t been wasted.

  5. Anonymous


    I suppose I’m being extremely optimistic about that Fischerspooner “Danse en France” because they’re on Kitsuné now and I’ve yet to be disappointed by any release from that label. The remix is better than the original.

  6. CarsmileSteve

    @NickEddy: YES YES YES!!!

    god earl brutus were so good, their live show was TEH AWESOME also.

    apart from listening to lots of v*mp*re w**kend and a pretty random set of croatians (for the Euro Pop Cup: []) the best thing i’ve heard recently is 30 year old brit-folk from Bridget St John, the cherry red rerelease of Thank you for… [] has an awesome live set from some french folk festival on it…

  7. Anonymous

    Upcoming Long Blondes disco songs on Couples album!

  8. CarsmileSteve

    also, dudes, these are all great tips, hopefully i’ll get some time to check them out (the scottish pirate metal in partic.)

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