Dear Michael Johns: The “American Idol” Viewers Who Were Born In The ’70s (Like You) Support You

Mar 25th, 2008 // 15 Comments

michaelisthechampion.jpgA full American Idol recap is en route, but first, some important business: Fellow Idolator readers who happen to be children of the ’70s, how bad did you feel for Michael Johns while watching tonight’s episode? He was the lone contestant on the show who was stuck with performing a song from the 1970s–although to his credit, he performed pretty admirably, especially in the face of the dreck that most of the other contestants served up this evening. (Did anyone else get serious “Let The River Run” flashbacks when David Archuleta served up his hunk of steaming David Foster-aged cheese?) So let’s throw him some votes! (He was sixth up tonight, so his number is 1-866-idols-06.) Also, Michael, if you’re reading: Be thankful that “Rhinestone Cowboy” wasn’t among your choices like it would have been if I were on tonight’s show.

  1. Thierry

    For me, it would probably have been “She’s Gone” or “The Boys Are Back In Town”. Or “I Write The Songs”.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Michael Johns? Didn’t he sing “Chevy Van?” (I think that was ’75. Dude, I’d soooo be singing “Chevy Van” if I was on Idol.)

    Anyway, yeah, Maura to your comment on the other thread, I’m behind this guy because he had to chose a song from ’78, which puts him in my ball park.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s horrifying to have them sing songs from the year I graduated from high school. Thank god there’s still someone from the 70s.

  4. brasstax

    Maura, I believe you should share a recording of you singing “Rhinestone Cowboy” with all of us.

  5. Rob Murphy

    I’m too embarrassed by the ridiculosity of the number to print my own year-of-birth, but if I had been eligible to audition for Idol; and if I could, maybe, ya know, SING; and if I had made it to the “songs from the year of your birth” week; I prolly woulda decided to go out in a blaze o’ glory this week, with something like this or this.

    So, yeah, I feel for Michael Johns — but hey, he did very well this week!

  6. Rob Murphy

    Also, what’s wrong with “getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know”???

  7. Fennessey

    @Thierry: He really did blow his chance to sing “She’s Gone.”

  8. disinterested 3rd party

    Let me put it this way. It was 41 years ago today that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. I’m going to crawl into a bottle of wine now……

  9. Thierry

    @Fennessey: Sorry, I meant that those were songs from MY year of birth (1976). I would’ve paid big money to hear Johns do “Short People”, “Because the Night” (or anything off Darkness on the Edge of Town, but I think Springsteen is off the Idol-approved songs) or the Dan’s “Peg”. Or “Copacabana”.

  10. Jan74

    “Because the Night” is Idol-approved. Someone did it in Hollywood Week season 2 or 3. I think it was the swimsuit model with the enormous mouth?

  11. rogerniner

    Michael Johns and his birthday has inpsired me to audition for Am-Idol this year, which will result in nothing of course, but worth a shot for giggles. By the by, I have never watched one episode of Am-Idol. I get all of my updates on the show from this very blog (and Avclub)

  12. dippinkind

    songs i would have rather heard Johns tackle include Baker Street, Holywood Nights, and Thunder Island, We Are the Champions is far too overplayed for even the original to be interesting anymore (for myself, ida picked Honey by Bobby Goldsboro or 1,2,3 Red Light by 1910 Fruitgum Co.)

  13. rogerniner

    @dippinkind: Baker Street, while an awesome song, seems too 70′s, and maybe push Johns further away from accessibility from the young-uns, but Hollywood Nights would be awesome!

  14. People Paula

    What’s that weird sound I hear when Michael Johns sings? No, it’s not the screaming girls.

    It’s more like…. a wedding ring falling off…..

  15. janine

    I would have gone with “Miss You” by the Stones (1978).

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