America Falls For Kristy Lee Cook’s Patriotism Gambit

Mar 25th, 2008 // 18 Comments

godblessthecheesiness.pngShe’s so not going home tomorrow, is she? [Google Trends]


  1. byproxy

    12. songs from 1990

    …as in, “c’mon, wasn’t there some good music in 1990?”

  2. brasstax

    That David Foster song must have been in a movie, because I went to Amazon this afternoon and listened to a snippet of it and recognized, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the radio I recognized it from.

    Anyway, David Archuleta sucks.

  3. Rob Murphy

    I think I’m more concerned about the spike in the search traffic for this on Tuesday.

  4. Charles A. Hohman

    I love how Simon called her performance “clever,” but stopped short of saying “shameless ploy to remain in contention.” I did not hate KLC’s irreverent Beatles covers as much as everyone else, but I agree this was pretty cheap.

  5. Hamm Beerger

    @Rob Murphy: Based on the related searches I’m guessing it’s a World of Warcraft addon pack.

    Re: Kristy Lee. As Homer Simpson said, “It’s true. We’re so lame.”

  6. tubby

    i was so mad when she actually got through the song without a mistake. what a desperate move to use that cheesy song. she probably won’t even be bottom 3. it was great to see Michael Johns finally have a comeback week. david cook may have ripped off cornell, but he really blew everyone away. hopefully carly stays another week, she’s way better than she showed this week. i’ve really warmed up to her.

    i can’t believe i’m following american idol this closely. i feel so lame.

  7. Rob Murphy

    Kimberly Locke performs on Wednesday. I’m OK with that.

    My lame-ish-”live-ish” blog is up. Laugh if you must.

  8. Rob Murphy

    @byproxy: I think I entered about 85892583181 searches for that phrase, looking for material for a good joke.

    Obviously, my search technology (or your sense of humor — Eds.) was not up to the task.

    Is it “too late to apologize”???

  9. jasonelias

    Doing that Lee Greenwood warhorse was a brainiac move on Kristy Lee Cook’s part. She’s also got rock bottom expectations on her side too.

  10. el smrtmnky

    all that cheese is gonna hurt tomorrow. kristy lee greenwood is one smart cookie. the only other thing she could have done to secure her spot for next week was to go up and prevent an abortion on stage.

  11. Audif Jackson Winters III

    @Charles A. Hohman: Remember, it’s coming from a guy who really started off his career in the music industry by focusing on packaging/concept rather than content, like albums of music by WWF wrestlers. He clearly appreciated Kristy Lee’s shrewd (and shameless) gambit.

  12. People Paula

    I’d like to fall for Michael John’s gambit, if you know what I mean….

  13. Anonymous

    If Kristy Lee goes home, the terrorists win.

  14. Anonymous

    Michael Johns was great, loved his performance. He finally showed what he can do. Late bloomer but don’t count him out.

  15. Anonymous

    when kristy lee cook kept surviving despite her terrible performances, i knew it was partly because she’s hot, but i also joked that it would be interesting to see the demographics of idol voting – kristy lee cook carried the bible belt to avoid elimination, etc.

    the scary part is that she actually sang well and everyone ate it up. and she took the country thing so literally that i wouldn’t be surprised if we hear that maddening mellencamp “song” from the truck commercials next week.

  16. byproxy

    Looks like a shakeup near the top, as of now:

    5. inverted areola

    Couldn’t make that up.

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