The Jonas Brothers Go Through The Looking Glass

Mar 26th, 2008 // 1 Comment

While this season’s American Idol hopefuls were revisiting their birth years, the Jonas Brothers took to the stage of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, where they covered an even moldier oldie (in a relative sense, anyway): a-ha’s “Take On Me,” which came out two years before the youngest Brother was born. The 45-played-at-33-rpm cover was snoozy, although its accompaniment–a few dancers flinging themselves around the stage and way more screams than David Archuleta got last night–served to distract from at least some of the band’s turgidness. [YouTube via ONTD]


  1. raihala

    I saw the Jonas Brothers tour when it was in town and they did “Take on Me” then, too. They said something like, “Here’s one for the moms in the audience” which, really, was a brilliant move.

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